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Summer BBQ’S

This summer we aim to take your taste buds on a journey across the world!
Every Sunday this august we are having a BBQ with a twist. Every Weekend a new theme!
Running from 1pm until 4pm. Adults £11.95 Children £6.95

Australia 2nd August
“Throw another Shrimp on the Barbie mate” We start our journey in the land down under with the classic combo: surf and turf, this week’s BBQ is one not to be missed!
Texas 9th August
“YeeHaw!” Now to the American outback, with lots of large and meaty Texan treats, this BBQ is going to be bigger than Dallas!
Hawaii 16th August
This Sundays BBQ will transport you to a world full of flavour, colour and fun. So, get your hula skirts ready and come down to join the fun!
Caribbean 23rd August
Our next stop in our BBQ month is the Caribbean! The famous get away islands. Let us spice up your taste buds with our sizzling BBQ
Great British BBQ 30th August
We have taken you all over the world from Australia to Hawaii, we now return back to Britain for our final stop on our taste journey.
A special BBQ with the best of Britain. Thanks Chef, What a great way to end August


Book now and don’t miss out… Call 01604 700 000 or email

European Tour

Collingtee Park Golf Club is delighted to announce that we have been chosen as one of the venues for the Qualifying school in 2015. Qualifying will take place between Tuesday 22nd of September and Friday the 25th of September.


Sunday 20th September – Practice from 12:00
Monday 21st September – Practice
Tuesday 22nd September – 1st Round
Wednesday 23rd September – 2nd Round
Thursday 24th September – 3rd Round (cut after round 3)
Friday 25th September – 4th Round
Saturday 26th September – Reserved in case of bad weather

Steak & Burger Nights

Our Thursday Steak and Burger nights have become very popular and as a result, it is now available on a Friday evening.

Course Update

As per previous years the greens have been sprayed today with the necessary weedkiller. This will cause some discolouration to certain parts of the green for a short period before returning to its normal colour.

Thank you for your understanding whilst this important work is carried out.